Build The Ultimate off-road Subaru Crosstrek With Body Armor 4x4

Build The Ultimate off-road Subaru Crosstrek With Body Armor 4x4

The Crosstrek has been a popular vehicle among off-road enthusiasts because of its ability to handle some tough terrain. Body Armor 4x4 makes it easier for you to build the ultimate Crosstrek with their wide selection of off-road accessories. Our product line includes bumpers, fenders, sliders, skid plates, d-rings, roof racks, roof top tents and awnings. We also offer a variety of LED light bar and cube light options, as well as suspension components for your Crosstrek. We have everything you need to build the ultimate Subaru Crosstrek.
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Body Armor 4x4 offers a variety of accessories that fit your Subaru Crosstrek

1. Subaru Crosstrek Hiline Front Winch Bumper

We recommend starting with the Body Armor 4x4 Subaru Crosstrek Hiline Front Winch Bumper. This bumper is designed specifically for the Crosstrek and offers unmatched protection and utility. It's made from tough, welded steel construction and provides superior front-end protection against impacts. It also includes a built-in winch plate that can accommodate up to a 12,000 lb winch, making it easy to add recovery capability to your Crosstrek. Plus, the integrated LED light bar mounts make it simple to add off-road lighting, further increasing your visibility in low-light conditions.

2. Subaru Crosstrek Revo Step Sliders

Add some serious style and protection to your Subaru Crosstrek with Body Armor 4x4's new Revo Step Sliders. These sliders feature a unique design that not only looks great, but also provides superior protection against rocks and other off-road obstacles. Constructed from 3/16" thick steel plate, the Revo Step Sliders are built to withstand whatever you throw at them. They feature a powdercoated finish for increased durability, and they come with all the necessary mounting hardware for a quick and easy installation.


This kit is designed to give your Crosstrek a more aggressive stance and improved handling, while also providing clearance for larger tires. So whether you're looking to improve your off-road performance or simply want to give your Crosstrek a more aggressive look, this is the perfect kit for you!

Subaru Crosstrek AWD 2" front/1.5" rear strut spacer kit

4. Sky Ridge 4.5' Awning

Ready to add outdoor comfort to your Subaru Crosstrek? The Sky Ridge 4.5' Awning is the perfect addition to any Subaru Crosstrek. It's made with high quality materials and construction, and it's easy to install. With this awning, you'll be able to enjoy your Crosstrek even more, whether you're camping or just spending time outdoors.


Our black D-ring with isolators is the perfect way to add that Body Armor 4x4 style while adding functionality to your ride. These D-rings are made from high quality steel and powder coated for durability. They're also designed to work perfectly and look great with your HiLine front winch bumper.


If you're looking to build the ultimate off-road Subaru Crosstrek, Body Armor 4x4 is the way to go. Let's take a look at what we have to offer.  Shop Now>>

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